Internal Control

Internal Control

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Running a business while maintaining a personal life can be difficult. Things can be overlooked or brushed off, and as a result, your business could be suffering. Sometimes, it helps to have an outsider evaluate your business practices and your employees. We want to see your company run as successfully as possible, and if our services get you on the track to success, then we've done our job.

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The staff at Schaefer, Sciarrino & Schulenberg, LLP can audit your employees and the way your finances are currently being handled. From there, we can suggest and implement training services to ensure that best practices are being followed. We’ll document policies and guidelines so everyone is on the same page, and we’ll be here to answer any questions you or your employees may have. Equip your employees with the tools necessary to succeed; our team will ensure that your business is placed on the fast-track toward success.

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